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Dental Front Desk Coordinator

Performs a variety of administrative tasks and patient care to ensure efficient operation of the dental office. Administrative duties may include handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, assisting patients with forms, handling insurance inquiries and estimates, billing and coding, accepting payments, maintaining medical records, and basic office tasks. Patient care duties may include greeting and seating patients, assisting with check-in/out, equipment preparation and sterilization, preparing patients for examination, and providing assistance to Dental assistants as needed.

Key responsibilities (Not limited to the duties stated below, additional duties as assigned)

Patient Care



Driving Responsibilities

Administrative Tasks




Infection, Control, Safety, & Compliance


Professional Commitment & Growth

  • Provide excellent customer service in person, over the phone, and email. 

  • Assist patients with check in/out.

  • Greets and seats patients.

  • Communicates effectively to patient needs and inquiries to include appointments,  cancellations and concerns.

  • Ensures patients are comfortable in the waiting area and are ready for their appointment. (ie: using the bathroom)

  • Assist the Dental Assistant with cleaning and sterilization when needed.

  • Safely and efficiently transport equipment and supplies between different dental offices, which may include food or other perishable items (as needed)

  • Represent the company in a professional manner by maintaining a clean vehicle

  • Assist with Check-in of patients and updating their medical records as needed

  • Handle phone calls, emails and any other correspondence with patients and Doctors

  • Review accuracy of patient information, completion of patient forms, and patient registration

  • Schedules patients appointments, follow-up appointments, and confirms appointments

  • Assists the office manager with financial aspects of the company to include but not limited to: insurance claims, billing, coding, collections, accounts receivable,  and payment processing

  • Collaborate with insurance providers to process claims efficiently

  • Handle medical records in adherence to privacy and security regulations

  • Assist patients with inquiries on estimates, collection of payment and schedules in coordination with insurance claims

  • Assists with maintaining supplies needed for the office

  • Perform basic office tasks such as filing, data entry, and other administrative duties


  • Adhere to strict infection control protocols, including the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), as required

  • Adhere to proper sterilization practices of all equipment and instruments

  • Maintain the dental office in a clean and orderly manner by adhering to Daily Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly protocols

  • Adhere to safety guidelines and regulations to maintain a safe environment  for both patients and staff

  • Adhere to HIPAA regulations to protect the privacy of health information and the security of electronic records

  • Adhere to emergency protocols


  • Maintain a positive attitude and team effort

  • Participates in company activities outside of the Dental office (ie: volunteer days)

  • Dedication to personal and professional growth

Minimum Qualification Requirements


Skills & Knowledge

Working Conditions

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Valid driver's license and a clean driving record.

  • Customer service experience - 1 year preferred

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 

  • Strong organizational, multitasking, attention to detail, and prioritization skills.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 

  • Proficiency in dental software and office management systems.

  • Understanding of financial budgets and financial processes.

  • Proficiency in billing, coding and payment processing.

  • Proficiency with collections and accounts receivable.

  • Proficiency with insurance providers and insurance claims. 

  • Ability to analyze, problem solve and find effective solutions.

  • Driving responsibilities requires travel to and working at various dental offices 

  • The work environment is fast-paced and involves close contact with patients

  • The position requires long periods of sitting and or standing.

  • Occasionally lifting equipment or supplies up to 25 lbs. 

  • Requires working to specified routine and under close supervision.

  • Requires quick or immediate response in communicating with the Doctors or patients. 

  • Requires adaptation to changing circumstances. 

  • Requires performing tasks with consideration to patients and willingness to work as part of a team, maintaining reliable work attendance, assisting co-workers in other areas as needed or required.

  • This position requires flexible work days/hours based on Dental office closures,      emergency patients and scheduling.

Computer, Dental chair, operatory light,  sterilization equipment, surgical instruments (sharp dental tools), and  X-ray machines.

Mental, Physical,
and Communication Demands

Work Hours

Equipment Used

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